Professional Carpet Cleaner covering Kent

Castle Cleaning: Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Company covering Maidstone & Medway, Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Ashford & Canterbury, Sittingbourne & Thanet and Folkestone.

We are a small Family run business which was established in 2006 we are fully trained and are certified by the IICRC.

80% of our business is residential carpet cleaning and 20% is commercial carpet cleaning.

We don’t just have one method of carpet cleaning we have truck-mounted Steam machines, portable Steam machines, Dry and Dry Shampoo.

We have been retained as the preferred carpet cleaner for some of the major letting agents in Kent i.e Savilles, Hamptons, Connels, Your move etc.

Most letting agents will demand an invoice with an IICRC or NCCA logo before they release your deposit a novice carpet cleaner will not be able to provide this we will!!

So if your coming to the end of your tenancy or your moving into a new home we are the first carpet cleaner to call!!


An outline of our Service

Our carpet cleaner will test the carpet and select the correct method of cleaning which will be most effective, without causing any damage to the carpet.

We will discuss any concerns you have about the process, such as whether the carpet will shrink, or how long it will take to dry.

Carpet cleaner Kent

Carpet cleaner Kent

There are 4 Methods of carpet cleaning available to carpet cleaners today, these are Shampoo, Bonnett, Dry (Compound) and Hotwater Extraction.

Our preferred Method of carpet cleaning is Steam cleaning using a truck-mounted system you can read more about this on our home page.

The entire castle service includes:

1) Pre-Vacuum vitally important as this removes 80% of dry soil.

2) Pre-spray: The area will be dusted with a high Alkaline, soil freeing Chemical.  Our Carpet Cleaner will determine the optimum level of akaline which can used on each particular carpet without causing damage to the carpet.

3) Agitation: Using a carpet shampoo brush with a rotary machine, the alkaline chemical is worked into the fiber of the carpet loosening the soil.

4) Extraction: Using the optimum amount of heat and moisture application, our carpet cleaners will now extract the soil allergens and pollutants from the carpet with the Truck mount Carpet cleaning machine!!!

5) Spot and staining techniques: Applied in conjunction with the extraction process, our carpet cleaner will use neutral, Akaline and solvent stain removal products. These products work on many of the general household spots and stains.

6) The moving of furniture:  Our carpet cleaner will try wherever possible to move beds and TV systems obviously this depends on weight (Health and Safety) and the Price of the Item.  We clean for health not just appearance, ask yourself where do you think the most dust is in your house?

Carpet Cleaning Pictures of our work

Carpet cleaner Sevenoaks

Carpet cleaning Sevenoaks

Carpet Cleaner

carpet cleaner maidstone

Carpet Cleaner Tunbridge Wells

Carpet Cleaning Tunbridge Wells. Public House Before

carpet cleaning Tunbridge Wells

Carpet cleaning Tunbridge Wells After

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 Professional carpet, upholstery, Stone Floor, Patio and driveway cleaner covering Maidstone & Medway, Tonbridge & Tunbridge wells, Sevenoaks, Ashford and Canterbury, Thanet and Folkestone