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At castle cleaning we have been professionally cleaning carpets and upholstery for 15 years now.

Carpet cleaning Carpet cleaning Bexley Kent

We have invested tens of thousands of pounds in getting the very best equipment and training to get the best result for our clients at the most competitive price.

We have van mounted steam extraction carpet cleaning machines, portable steam extraction carpet cleaning machines, Dry Shampoo methods.

Training is of significant importance in carpet, its no good having all the gear and no idea!!!

Myself and my team have done 2-3 day courses on carpet and upholstery cleaning so we can determine the fibres we are cleaning, the construction (How it is woven) and the backing.

Stair Carpet Cleaning Carpet cleaning bexley Kent

Knowing all these factors is highly important if you are to clean the carpet effectively and safely.

The Whole procedure will involve

1) a pre-vacuum, this will remove 90% of dry soil,

2) wherever possible we move furniture like sofas and dining tables.

3) The carpet will then be dusted with a chemical to free the soil from the carpet

4) The soil will then be rinsed from the carpet using Steam

5) Spotters will be used to treat Black marks and stains

6) Air movers will be bought into the property to speed dry the carpets

7) Foil pads and blocks will be placed under wooden and metal legs to avoid staining and rust marks

8) The pile will be reset using a pile broom

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