Imprinted concrete Driveway Cleaning and Restoration

At Castle cleaning we now offer this amazing service to clean and restore Imprinted concrete drives

First the Imprinted concrete driveway is pressure cleaned using a 4000 PSI petrol driven pressure washer and rotatory device to keep the mess down.

After cleaning the Imprinted Concrete Driveway is treated with an Anti-fungal chemical to remove any existing moss and algae missed by the cleaning.

The imprinted concrete driveway is then left to dry for a day or so after cleaning.

We then return with Smart seal Imprinted concrete driveway sealer and restorer and where appropriate a colour tint.

If the colour of the driveway is still in good condition it will only need a coat of sealer to bring it back to life.  If however the colour has been bleached from the drive by the sun and general wear and tear we can add a colour tint and then build the colour back. This process takes sometimes 3-4 coats of sealer.

We can also restore driveways that are two tone i.e. Brown and biscuit etc.

It is our aim as a company to research the best equipment and chemicals for the jobs we are doing

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