Patio cleaner Tunbridge Wells

Based in upper Grosvenor Road Tunbridge Wells we have been cleaning Patios in for over 15 Years now and invested in the very best equipment to get the best result with the minimum mess

Over the years we have aligned ourselves with some of the Industry leading sealing firms, namely Smart Seal and ResiBlock and our technicians are fully trained to apply both industry leading products.

Patio Cleaning can be more technical than Driveway cleaning and you should really be looking for an experienced and full trained contractor to carry out this type of work. Patio slabs as pictured above normally utilize the more delicate slabs such as:

Indian Sandstone




We have been successfully cleaning these tiles for over 15 years now and have constantly researched the best sealants to apply to these surfaces.

Lets say for example yourself or a less experienced Cleaning contractor pressure cleaned the patio and then went to wickes and bought Driveway and Patio Sealer.  All good yes? No!!! That sealer is a thick Acrylic sealer will react with those slabs it will go white and once its on there’s very little chance of reverting the mistake.  Obviously the sealers are made to repel chemicals and water.

We are Certified Contractors with Smart Seal we have done their courses and more importantly we have the experience.

So avoid expensive mistake get amazing results and the job done right Call Dean on 07920840972 or email