Stone floor Cleaning Brent

Stone floor cleaning

Stone floors are becoming very popular in residential and commercial environments as is the need for professional stone floor cleaners. There are numerous variations of stone floors such as, travertine, limestone, slate, flagstone, marble and granite.

Just as there are many varieties of stone, there are different techniques for cleaning every individual surface. With over 12 years experience in stone floor cleaning we are well versed in the cleaning/stripping and sealing/polishing of all forms of stone flooring

At Castle Cleaning we are constantly investing in new stone floor cleaning equipment to keep us as one of the very best stone floor cleaners in south east.

Castle Cleaning Technicians’ have attended many courses and have many years onsite experience of cleaning and restoring the Stone Floors listed.

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Marble, Limestone and Travertine Floor Cleaning

We put these tiles in the Same family as they are all soft natural stone and need pretty much need the same care and cleaning processes.

All come in a honed (highly polished) variety which gives the floor an almost reflective shine and they also come in a more natural less honed state.

The Honed tiles generally polished in a factory and won’t react well to acrylic polishes or sealants they generally need to be polished with a Grinding/Polishing machine and diamond pads.

The machines are far heavier (190kg) than a standard Rotary scrubber (30kg) and can remove lip-ages, scratches etc.

Its basically like sanding a stone floor where you pass through the grits of diamonds until you achieve a high gloss finish.

3 passes are made at 1000/2000/3000 diamonds during these processes polishing compounds and stone soaps are used to enhance the polish and seal the floor

Un-honed floors can be cleaned just as well using a standard rotary machine and floor pads then applying acrylic polished or natural stone sealers.

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Terracotta Floor and Victorian tile Cleaning

Again we’ve grouped these two together because they’re very similar and require the same care and cleaning processes

Terracotta floors and Victorian are both fired in a kiln and can be made of man made materials or clay. Highly porous the floors tend to need several coats polish to seal them.

They tend to clean very well with a rotary machine and a course stripping pacas these removes the top surface and reveals a new layer underneath.

Problems you get with these floors is the depth of the grout it acts as a well for dirt so they can get quite bad and will need work, generally by hand.

Also waxing seems to be a recommended Maintenace practice for these floors and that can build up overtime and create almost a brown sub surface on ontop of the tile.

But we can generally still get great results with these floors

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Ceramic and Porcelain Floor Cleaning

These two tiles are man made tiles (ie made of plastics) and are non porous so they just need deep cleaning and not sealing. In fact most sealants don’t key to these floors very well.

Ceramic tiles in my option are great tiles they won’t mark, you pretty much use any strength of chemical on them and restore them to where they look like new.

Porcelain tiles however……..well you can google Porcelain tile cleaning and see blog pages of homeowners struggling to maintain these tiles.

Becoming increasingly popular because of the soft look and design capabilities, to a point they just don’t seem fit for purpose. They tend to mark easy and tend not to respond well to the usual weekly Maintenace ie Mopping and Steaming.

But our deep cleaning methods will make a considerable difference and restore the floor, they do sell a sealer for porcelain tiles, but in my experience it doesn’t really solve the issue above. Basically the floors need deep cleaning once or twice a year.

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Slate Floor Cleaning

Probably my favourite floor to clean semi porous so not will not stain or mark easily.

But because of the riven nature of the tile and depth of the grout soil will build up rapidly and substantially on slate floors. The floors usually clean well with a standard rotary scrubber brushes pads, grout brushes and a high Alkaline chemical.

Slate floors come in many different colours/varities Black, Welsh, Singapore and look amazing when finished off with an acrylic sealer. Probably my favourite floor to clean

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Amtico, Karndean, vinyl floor cleaning

Again these 3 types of flooring are very similar, I understand that Amtico and Karndean are expensive floors but they are pretty much strips of vinyl. But this is a good thing as they are easy to clean and restore. The floors generally just need deep cleaning with a rotary machine and turbo hybrid then finishing off with an acrylic polish.

Grout lines

With Most jobs it’s the grout lines are where we spend most of our time and they are probably the major concern for the homeowner. Over the years we have sourced various chemicals and brushes to get the best possible result on the grout lines.

Outline of Service

Rotary scrub extract seal and polish

Performed over two days

Day 1)

We rotary scrub the floor using aggressive pad and brushes and high Alkaline chemicals. We also use various grout brushes to restore this lines. Afterwards we steam the floor to remove any final residues.

Day 2)

We spend a further hour or so detailing any grout lines and tile that need further work, we then Seal and or polish the floor. Sealers will give the floor a more natural look they come in Matt, Colour Enhance and Super colour Enhance. Acrylic polish will give the floor a more shiny wet look.

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Diamond Grinding/Polishing

For reflective Natural stone floors. The T8 machine is passed using diamond pads with 1000/2000/3000 grits, after which cleaning pads are used to apply a polishing compound and a product called stone soap. The pads will hone the floor the stone soap and compound will seal the floor.

This is generally a 1 day process

Hole Filling and crack Repair

We have a product called marble glue to fill hole in Marble limestone and travertine, this is a two part epoxy which is filled into the holes and sanded to level

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